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Android weather app not updating

Of course, you can also stick around Android Central to hear about the latest and greatest apps being released, too. Apps show up in the multitasking view and can be closed from there, though most of the time you don't need to worry about it since your system knows how to manage system resources intelligently.

This can include running advertisements within their app, or limiting functions to premium versions of the same app.It has just passed a couple of weeks since the Galaxy S4 system dump was leaked on the net and our developers are already busy with porting the goodies from the S4 to other Android devices.The latest development has popped up in the form of the successful port of the Galaxy S4 Launcher and Accu Weather widget to all Android phones with a Jelly Bean custom ROM.Developers will often update the app they have for sale in order to make them run more stably or introduce new features. The nice thing about the phones we have available today is that they have a lot of processing power, are location-aware, can connecting to the Internet, have high resolution cameras on them, and large, crisp screens.Getting those new features requires users to download the app again, which typically happens quietly in the background and results in no lost information associated with the app. Entrepreneurs are perpetually experimenting with new ways to leverage this technology for use cases that haven’t been considered before, or, more often than not, adding a new spin to tasks we’re already used to making.

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Odds are you already have a Google account set up which is associated with your Play Store purchases.

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