Dating a person with down syndrome

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Dating a person with down syndrome

He's perfectly nice, apparently harmless, and she thinks he's sweet.

The method chosen will depend on personal preference, ability to use the contraceptive effectively and possible side effects.

Sexuality education is the way to plan for this aspect of adulthood as it applies to independence in educational, social, residential and vocational settings.

If your daughter reads at a second grade level, for example, instructional sheets need to be at that level.

Jo Craig - September 20, Apparently the guy was in love with the girl and this was backed up with quotes.

Very very sensitive topic though and I fully expect this to get closed soon: In other words, your physician should be supporting you in making decisions that minimize risks for your daughter and maximize self-determination. Duchess is seen with high-flying private secretary Catherine Quinn for the first time as she visits the National Tennis Centre 'She's a totally different person': That said, I completely agree with palliser.

He persuaded his mother to help him find a partner after three years without success. I'm looking for girlfriends everywhere.' Recalling previous encounters, he added: 'There was Jackie - she was a sexy bird, she was gorgeous. 'I have brought Otto up to relate to everybody so he has always been to mainstream school and mixed with everybody. I would prefer to see him with a girlfriend who doesn't have Down's.' She said she would love to be a grandmother.

He says his ideal woman is television and radio presenter Fearne Cotton. 'I would also love it if Otto got a girlfriend pregnant.

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