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Dating advice for guys

" It's a brilliant marketing strategy that has increased Mc Donald's revenues massively.

Just by offering a small add-on, we're more likely to agree to it. Instead, just ask for a quick cup of coffee or tea.

And if it takes TOO LONG, she's going to find it creepy that you're looking and not doing something.

The second you see an attractive woman, your mind is going to try to stop you from going over to meet her.

Women are estimating your confidence level based on how long you wait until you approach.

The longer it takes, the more interest and attraction she loses for you.

Just get into the habit of walking over within 3 seconds of seeing a woman you want to meet.

Meaning that you can flirt-talk with her, but you have to give her "plausible deniability" the whole time you're talking with her. It's the ability for a woman to deny that she had taken the lead or initiative in flirting or leading you on.

She wants to hint to you that she's interested, but she often can't because of the amount of social pressure put on women to not be the pursuer.

This shows that you're taking her in and find her attractive without sounding like a dork.

Just remember that appreciating does not mean "ogling." You can visually appreciate a woman without looking like you're imagining her naked.

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" You can see the complete change in her eyes and her expression when he does this.

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