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You mention the economy; this season we really see how it has affected your lifestyles. But we still see you guys living this sort of grand lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, the show has always been based on a very affluent area -- Orange County … Granted, we all might not be standing in the welfare line …

but at the same time, we all had to figure out a way to cut back and figure out a way to cut expenses.

She has griped about his refusal to vacate the million Tribeca condo she purchased in 2011, cried about the nearly ,000 a month in spousal support she was forced to pay, and told Andy Cohen during last season’s reunion episode that she felt mentally tortured by the ongoing, “excruciating” divorce.

In a matter of years, Hoppy has gone from unknown to social pariah — and he’s got Bravo to thank.

The problem is, is that if he doesn’t have .5 million to give me -- you know, his estate doesn’t have it because it’s in the deficit -- I’m not going to get it. That’s truly part of the reason I’m able to keep a roof over my head today, is because I was smart during the time the market was great. Jo [De la Rosa] and Slade [Smiley] were actually sitting across the table from me at this party and I was being my crazy, flamboyant, obnoxious self and they started whispering to each other. " Cause they hadn’t been on for a couple of years so I wasn’t really sure what they were talking about. I think the reason for that was that at that point, we had been in and out of the hospital for the last three or four months. If my fans really encourage me to keep doing this, I’m never going to say never.

If somebody doesn’t have the money, it really doesn’t matter. Everybody thinks I got left millions of dollars -- which I did -- but I have not received it. My story wasn’t about my real estate because I wasn’t selling real estate at the time they were filming. I worked my butt off -- when I say that, I literally mean I worked 80 hours a week. And they said I’d be perfect for "Housewives." I was like, "You guys are smoking crack. The next morning, I get a phone call from the casting agent at 7 a.m.; she said, "I hear you’re perfect." It took a whole day of phone calls back and forth for them to even convince me. We were right at a point where we thought we would get told he was going into remission. But I’m not looking to be a pop singer at my 32 years of age.

Did he just want me to be on his arm in the public eye?This season -- following the death of her fiance, Jeff -- viewers have seen Rossi try to clear things up, including the rumors of infidelity (claimed during last season's reunion show) and the gold-digger claims ... The best way that I figured out would make sense for me was to do Internet sales first.and even explaining those compromising images of Rossi and an electrically-charged bedroom friend that leaked on the Internet. If it starts doing well, and it’s doing great, and I gain enough momentum, and I build capital, I will get into phase two, which will be the retail.So I get why some of the women were struggling to keep up with the Jones’, if you will, all the while they’re not making the same income as before.And we see that you're not rolling in the dough -- as some suspected -- after Jeff's death.

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” Of course, there are certainly upsides to being a man on the “Real Housewives” shows, which is partially how the men get hooked in the first place.