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There’s a castle in Montmartre called Chateau des Lys, but on Friday they were doing a drag night that sounded kitschy rather than raunchy.I picked The We Club for its logistics: halfway between my house and Deb’s Airbnb, free entry and open bar for single women, and decent Yelp reviews.Sex club attire for women is skirts, dresses and heels. Deb and I argued for half an hour while she insisted that leggings weren’t pants. (It’s mandatory.) Every floor was windowless and fairly narrow, with the requisite red velvet curtains and red lighting.She wore a skirt under protest and we met in front of the club around midnight. They each featured a different sexual accoutrement.Another Friday night in one of France’s five hundred sex clubs…

Not to worry, we’ll be seeing all of Thierry later. Downstairs, my friends Ling, Tina and her boyfriend, Robert, had arrived.

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Two floors each had two stripper poles on a dais, with mirrored walls on one side and chairs and tables on the other for spectators. ” Deb lied, “Of course.” Tony turned to me and asked in French, “Should we all play together now? There are rules of engagement and if a woman refuses, the man (who’s paid €105 to be there) has to back off or get thrown out.

One of these was the main bar area, where a vivid blonde in a square of fabric that barely covered her breasts and butt cheeks offered us shots. Tony explained the reason single women get free entry and drinks is so they don’t have to chat up a guy for alcohol. I declined to point out the sexism of the skirt-and-heels dress code because this is France, land of contradiction, and—journalism tip!

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If it was bad or boring, we could leave with little investment on our part.