Microsoft updating beta tester

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Microsoft updating beta tester

The M585 and M590 track as well as our top picks and work on every surface except glass and mirror.

Both can connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle, and can pair with two Bluetooth devices at once.

The Triathlon can connect via USB dongle or Bluetooth, and it can pair with and quickly switch between three devices, making it more versatile than the Marathon.

It also has six programmable buttons you can customize using Logitech’s latest Options software—its left- and right-click buttons are swappable, but not remappable—and a scroll wheel toggle similar to the Marathon’s.

Each has five programmable buttons and supports the Logitech Options software.

Our panelists preferred the M590’s near-silent buttons, which provide tactile feedback without a loud click, but at the time of writing the M590 was more expensive and harder to find than the noisier M585.

Its sensor tracks well on all surfaces except glass and mirrors, it connects quickly and reliably via a small wireless dongle, and it has eight programmable buttons plus a button to toggle the scroll wheel between ratcheted and freewheel scrolling.

We’ve used the Marathon five days a week since we bought it in early 2016, and its original batteries have yet to die.

Plus, it has a rechargeable battery that Logitech says will last 70 days on a single charge, and our testing so far supports this claim.After doing a new round of research and panel testing, we still think the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is the best wireless mouse for most people.We have a new runner-up with Bluetooth and USB dongle connectivity, the Logitech M720 Triathlon; and new travel picks, the Logitech M585 and Logitech M590 Silent.If the Marathon is out of stock, we recommend the Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse for about .It’s the second-most comfortable mouse we tested, and it tracks as well as the Marathon.

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