Nikki lund dating

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Nikki lund dating

The line – similar to Nikki and her music – perfectly blends femininity, confidence, and sex appeal.

The line’s mix of bold colors, exotic fabrics, and meticulous detailing is universally flattering and appealing to women from a multitude of age groups.We've spent so much time over here at Rage Central trying to get the Los Angeles Fashion Week schedule nailed down, we nearly forgot to mention that the runway show kicking off Los Angeles Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios Friday evening (that's tonight) is the debut of rocker Richie Sambora's foray into the fashion world -- as well as the modeling debut of his daughter (with Heather Locklear) Ava Sambora.The Bon Jovi guitarist -- who we're told as of press time is "stuck in Canada" and won't actually be in attendance at the show -- has collaborated with Los Angeles-based designer-musician Nikki Lund to create a women's contemporary clothing line called White Trash Beautiful.We caught up with Lund -- whose apparel resume includes Eccentric Symphony, a line she created with professional surfer Maikai Makena -- in advance of the debut to get a few questions answered. All The Rage: OK, so where did a name like White Trash Beautiful come from?Nikki Lund: It was a title to a song that Richie and John [Bon Jovi] had done, but they felt it was a little misogynistic.

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Richie Sambora is going from dating sexy women to dressing them!