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Given this, we’ve chosen to highlight the relationship between age and live chat usage in the remainder of this report.

For example, here is a version of the above chart, with responses broken down by age brackets: Younger people (ages 18 to 34) are more likely to have used live chat “many times,” while older people (aged 55 and over) are more likely to have “never used” live chat.

For example, how much would this app idea cost; what would the design process be like?

” This preference for using live chat to answer pricing and product questions when shopping online is likewise seen in the results of our survey.

Im prob on this site bout twice a week, which is a lot for me coz I have hardly any free time!Patrick Freuler, founder of online hearing aid vendor Audicus, explains that his customers do make regular use of live chat.But, he notes, “Because our age demographic is a bit older, they often use live chat to ask obvious questions that are usually right in front of them, [such as], ‘How do I get a hearing aid?We next analyzed the data according to a range of common demographic variables.Looking at respondents’ answers compared to their age, gender, income, geographic location etc., the one variable that is most closely correlated with live chat usage is age.

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'” This is a clear example of using live chat to meet customers early on in the customer journey.

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