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I don’t think most women relate to that — they can often just sit back and watch the messages come in. Like, I’m looking at it now and thinking — why the obsession with “attractive women,” can’t you just say women?

Why do the photos of women on your homepage exclusively show scantily-clad ladies with porn-star-orgasm faces?

A guy can’t afford to make mistakes with the ones who are in high demand. And then we’re also trying to come to an understanding of who he is, really pull out his strengths.

Naturally, these are the types our members are interested in. As for the archetypes, we strive to be equally reductive for our male and female archetypes. As far as I’m concerned, the more cats, the better. A lot of people don’t know their own strengths, so we ask very probing questions to pull that out.

Now, in what may mark either the high or low point for the Internet as a communications medium, a company called Personal Dating Assistants is offering not only to tell you how to online date, but to do it for you — for a price, of course.

PDA’s homepage is dominated by a photo of high-heeled, mini-dressed women with porn-star simpers on their faces.

Then again, while PDA’s marketing lingo invites the skin to crawl, it’s not exactly responsible for the entrenched norms of dating culture.

Attractive women, on the other hand, use online dating as a screening tool. No, right, online dating is definitely not easier for women.

With that in mind, we only offer the service for men now. But women arguably have many of the exact same struggles with online dating, in terms of not having enough time for it, or having to wade through a lot of junk to get to the meaningful stuff. But for men, there’s this tremendous amount of outbound interest. In fact, the average guy has to send a dozen messages to get one response. But I want to probe you a bit on the tone of the site — because it comes across as very pick-up-artist-y.

So even as a 15-year-old, I thought online dating was basically the coolest thing ever. The system is kind of based on my experience over the years, and my experience helping friends. Because that has, of course, been one of the early criticisms of your service — that you offer online-dating help for men, but not women.

We find there are some keywords that seem to get a response from women — “gentleman,” for instance. Right, we don’t currently offer services for women.

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If they’re feeling a vibe and hitting it off, there’s no reason that should be a concern. People have been using assistants to communicate for centuries — the only reason this is getting attention is because it’s using an assistant for dating, in particular. Or on how many people you’ve signed up, as clients or assistants? But since we launched last month, we’ve had sign-ups every day.

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