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Sebastian cancelled his first date with Claire a week after they had met online, claiming a crisis at the primary school where he worked.

On the day of their rescheduled date, he stood her up, saying he was in hospital after tearing his cruciate ligament playing football.

His mother told the Mail this week that, while Amy won care awards and was sent a letter of congratulation by Lord Coe because of Olympic celebrations she organised at the home, she is no longer working there.

She resigned in February after 13 years’ service, during which she had been promoted to deputy manager.

After meeting on a dating website, they arranged to meet at the end of July 2011.

‘He seemed to want to get to know me,’ says Joanna.

’Claire, who had begun to realise ‘something was not right’, looked long and hard at that photograph and at the gold bottle of Agent Provocateur Maitresse.

The bottle’s mirrored surface showed the reflection of a figure holding a camera.

‘It didn’t sound that masculine, but then some men’s voices are like that and your brain just fills in the gaps,’ she says.Ali had received money as a gift from Sebastian, and he’d told her it had been transferred from his sister’s account because of fraudulent activity on his own.As the investigations continued, one woman’s name emerged again and again.The woman who came to the door was overweight with bleached hair and was dressed casually in a T-shirt and shorts.She stared long and hard at Claire, and at the mention of the name Sebastian Pritchard-Jones she closed the door, a look of guilt etched across her face.

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At the time, Joanna’s father was dying of cancer and she returned to Yorkshire to be with him.