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Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are often delayed in developing their independent living skills because of parental restrictions on activities outside the home due to worries about their child's inability to communicate, their whereabouts, and their general safety. The data were used to identify concerns that parents have about student independence and safety, the extent to which deaf students engage in independent activities, and expectations surrounding how two-way text messaging use might increase independence and literacy skills.Recent accounts of the use of two-way text messagers suggests that, like electronic mail, distance communication problems that have long plagued deaf people may be ameliorated—by the use of such technology (M. The data collected on this project to date confirm that two-way text messaging technology is indeed useful for deaf adolescents and helps alleviate some of the concerns that have kept them from developing independence as quickly or readily as their hearing peers.335), thus bypassing many of the difficulties that deaf students typically exhibit with English writing.What follows is a brief review of the communication, social, and emotional development of deaf children.As well, it is also the case that deaf children of deaf parents experience delay with the development of both academic skills and socialization.The effects of deafness and its consequent communication difficulties also spread to the development of social awareness and social skills.

It has long been noted in the literature that deaf adolescents are delayed in social development relative to their hearing peers (Calderon & Greenberg, 2003; Greenberg & Kusché, 1993).Deaf children raised by deaf parents have been found to have experienced more consistent parenting, effective communication, and less stressed social environments than deaf children of hearing parents (Greenberg & Kusché, 1987).However, the social milieu of all deaf children is necessarily limited to those who can communicate with them effectively.Substituting sign language for spoken language has its own set of problems.Because hearing parents raise the vast majority of deaf children, they experience not only later language development but also language learning conditions that are less than ideal.

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