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Furthermore, he was never officially diagnosed with Alzheimers as he did not go through the entire battery of tests, so it seems a bit sketchy and disrespectful to people who really do have Alzheimers when she explains some of his behavior as attributable to that, such as paranoia, when her daughter has accused her of having an affair with Aaron's attorney and having him change the will just prior to his death when he wasn't well enough to protest.

Candy never addresses the alleged affair at all, though she does talk about dating after her husband's death.

The book is easy reading, like Tori's books, they are fine for airplane reading or beach reading. Candy addresses her own shyness on several occasions, but she seems anything but shy.

She also pats herself on the back for accomplishments that seem less like successes than minor events that weren't complete failures (as in the stationery store she and a friend owned that lasted for 2 years, her shows on HGTV that ranked higher in the rankings than 3 other channels, like TLC, and a TV show that ran one season on E! However, if she wants to look on the positive side of things, than who can fault her for that. She discusses her husband's passing and says he had Alzheimers, but much of what she describes sounds much more like he had a series of strokes that impaired him.

According to Tori, she heard the news of her father's passing death through an e-mail to her Blackberry. After her father's death, Tori and Mc Dermott used Spelling's inheritance to set up a bed and breakfast in Fallbrook, California.

They began filming the experience for their reality show, .

She bean making her first television appearances around this age, landing a part on her father's television detective drama, By 1989, the 16-year-old Spelling was attending Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California, and had gotten a nose job after, she says, a parrot bit her.

Many speculate that her father was responsible for Spelling's chastity on the show. Around this same time, Spelling began dating the play's co-writer, Charlie Shanian. Spelling and Shanian's marriage proved to be short lived, however.

Spelling's father, Aaron Spelling, was a Hollywood director known for producing the TV hits .

As a result of her father's success, Tori was raised in the lap of luxury; her family lived in the largest single-family home in the state of California, a mansion featuring more than 100 rooms including a gift-wrapping room, doll museum and bowling alley.

Also, not all dementia is caused by Alzheimers, but she seems to have convinced herself that is what he had and really paints herself as the ever-loving, ever-vigilant martyr of a wife during his decline, while somehow still forcing herself to get out for lunches or Mah Jong games with her friends. It is difficult to get a grasp on who she really is rather than the experiences she has had.

Overall, this book is light reading- that I'm glad I purchased for 50% off- that allows Candy to applaud herself on her excellent taste, the importance of having a decorator and a gift-wrapping room and what a strong woman she feels she has become.

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In this book, Candy documents a bit of what her childhood was like, her time as a single woman (which was really not very long, she was married at 19 to another many prior to marrying Aaron Spelling and married Aaron Spelling pretty quickly after that).

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