Who is keke dating

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Who is keke dating

Interestingly enough, the two were rumored to be a thing back in 2014, and Keke even addressed it on video, admitting that they'd be a good astrological match.

Palmer who isn’t seeing anyone at present says that she has no time for anything that is too serious. The food was great, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time. As Mike and Julie were getting ready to leave, Mike went out to his car to take back some leftover food. He gave her a brief hug (not a problem) and then (big problem, imo) gave her a kiss on the mouth that included some tongue.Julie looked surprised, but smiled and simply said, "Whoa." It was also clear that she kind of kissed back, albeit reluctantly.Just a few days before such post on her Instagram, she tweeted saying, “So crazy how things change” which was accompanied by ‘in love’ symbol.But, there appeared no confirmation from Palmer about her relationship with Alsina.

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The 22-year-old Palmer is single at present as she is not dating anyone but, that doesn’t mean she never had a boyfriend. You might be amazed to know that Palmer is also interested in a same-sex relationship. Palmer was rumored to be dating Quincy Brown in the past.

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